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Built with modern methods and materials, the Lancaster Coastline provides ultimate protection from

harsh coastal conditions, while showcasing the look of an authentic carriage house door. This fully vinyl faced door offers an oversized window section with precision milled one piece overlays.


  • Vinyl laminated steel exterior provides ultimate protection from coastal elements.


  • Five layer sandwich-type construction using prefinished materials (steel + insulation + steel + vinyl + PVC overlay).

  • 1-3/8’’ polystyrene core and a thermal break between inside and outside skins result in R-value of 6.7.

  • Use of one-piece sheet of PVC eliminates seams in overlay

  • 100% PVC face resists fading and offers much better color stability than "composite" type overlays.

  • Exterior face of door is totally smooth, smooth vinyl field and smooth vinyl overlays.  No woodgrain steel.

Window Designs

2-Lite Square

6-Lite Square

8-Lite Square

12-Lite Square

16-Lite Square

2-Lite Arch

6-Lite Arch

8-Lite Arch

12-Lite Arch

16-Lite Arch

Base Colors

Overlay Colors

Panel Designs

Barn Style




Arch Top Barn 




Bright White

Bright White

Due to color variations in computer screens, please refer to your exact color sample chip when choosing.

The vinyl exterior provides relief from maintenance,

rust, decay, warping, or splitting


View our Architectural Design Manual for Lancaster



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Field Finishing



Factory finish is Bright White vinyl base and matching vinyl overlays. The white surface reflects most of the sun's rays, so expansion due to increased temperature is not a problem. However, painting the door can change this by creating a surface that absorbs much more heat from sunlight. The amount of heat absorbed is measured by the LRV (light reflective value) of the paint. A lower value, usually a darker color, absorbs more heat. If exposed to direct sun, this could cause expansion and bowing of the vinyl material, as happens with any vinyl product. Do not paint the face of the door with a paint having an LRV value of less than 55. Paint must be high quality "vinyl-safe" or heat reflective exterior latex.

If a darker color scheme is required, consider using our Cambridge Model door, a composite wood product designed to be painted with no color choice restrictions.

Exposure guidelines and paint restrictions must be followed.

Failure to follow these guidelines can cause the vinyl overlay to distort and/or delaminate, thus voiding the warranty.

General Doors is not responsible for any paint manufacturer's performance claims.

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